James Adarich software engineer and geek

Principal Developer @ NewOrbit

Using Markdown Securely

Markdown is a simple solution for writing and maintaining rich text but it's security credentials aren't all that

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Group those NPM dependencies

NPM dependencies can often just get shoved into one big lump in the package.json or at best split into dev as well but there's more than that and why even do it. All will be revealed!

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Getting started with Docker

Docker is awesome, if you haven't tried it yet here's a neat guide to get you started!

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Why should I Docker?

Not sure what Docker is or why you should care? Come right in!

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Fetch API error handling: a good idea?

Controversially perhaps, I believe the fetch API's handling of errors is a good idea. Let the flame war commence!

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Anatomy of a good retrospective

Retrospectives are the core of agile, without them there would be no agile! Here are my top tips for making your retrospectives awesome.

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